Download a copy of the Well-being Plan for Torfaen 2018 - 2023 here.


Based on the information we have collected in the assessment and from the public, the analysis carried out to date and the expert knowledge of public services officers, the emerging objectives are:

  1. Develop a functional, connected network of natural areas that support the current and future well-being needs of local populations
  2. Develop mitigation and adaptation responses to the impacts of climate change
  3. Provide children and young people with the best possible start in life
  4. Support healthy lifestyles and enable people to age well
  5. Tackle the inter-generational patterns of poverty and develop economic resilience
  6. Improve local skills through work-force planning, training, apprenticeships, and volunteering opportunities
  7. Create safe, confident communities and promote community cohesion

The Well-being Plan sets out high level actions for each of these objectives over the short, medium and longer term.